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Portable Battery Chargers For Your Bar or Restaurant.

Welcome to Brick!  Easy, convenient portable battery chargers for your bar or restaurant. 

Your guests are now able to eat, drink, chat, and enjoy their stay while mobile devices charge from the comfort of their own tables.


Each Brick battery can connect up to 5 devices at once, charging at a rate of 1% per minute. Equipped with lightning, micro USB and USB-C cables, as well as the ability to charge phones wirelessly, Brick caters to all phone types.

Each Brick unit contains 4 portable batteries and 1 base station, with a Risk Free Guarantee! Yep, each unit comes with a replacement guarantee from us.


Solutions for your business

Our portable units allow guests to stay responsible for their own devices, untethered to a socket. Free up your staff while taking care of your customers' needs! 

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27%Of people 

50%of people

85%of people

50% of people would be more likely to visit a local establishment that provides free portable phone chargers while they dine.

Would you? Take our survey!

85% of people love the idea of their local restaurant/bar/café providing free portable chargers to use for their devices.

27% of people admitted they have asked a staff member to charge their phone while they are out at their favorite restaurant.

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What We Do

At Brick, we believe innovation starts with a simple idea. We aim to provide power for an ever-increasing technological world with our portable power stations at your local bar or restaurant. Our goal is to make people's lives easier by supporting them wherever they go. We believe as our products will become a staple at every bar and restaurant.

Our team is dedicated to making your guests' experience seamless with our top-notch products and we know our hard work goes towards helping people everyday.

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