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Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know

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Do You Have Intern Positions?

Join our team! We offer intern positions for student engineers in electrical, mechanical, software, biomedical and mechatronics engineering. We are also able to offer work experience hours with corresponding Universities. Get in contact if you would like to know more about the programs we offer.


Can I Request a Demo?

We believe in making sure our clients have a seamless experience with our Brick units at their business. That's why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and free replacement or repair of our units if they should get damaged or stolen during use. Learn more about our pricing plans on our products page below.


How Do I Become A Partner?

If you would like to work with us, you can send us an email, or connect with us through Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin to discuss with you how to become a Brick partner, our special sponsorship packages, or how to get us for your next event!

Meet the Interns


Gaurav is a fifth year student at the University of Sydney studying Electrical Engineering and Advanced Physics. As a kid, Gaurav was inspired by the nighttime sky, and a dream of his was to visit them one day! He has always been passionate about space exploration and one day hopes to work with a space agency, engineering rockets and satellites! Gaurav is deeply passionate about physics and in his spare time he likes to read books on astrophysics and cosmology. Working at Brick has given Gaurav an invaluable experience designing PCBs and circuits and has allowed him to work with like minded individuals,  while making an awesome product!

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Madelaine Taranto

Madelaine is a third year student at the University of Sydney, studying Biomedical Engineering and Commerce. She is specialising in Biocomputation, Biomedical Modelling and Design and Finance. She hopes to one day improve people's everyday lives with the innovation of technology in health! Maddy loves writing and playing music in her spare time as well as baking, dancing with friends and going for long walks. Madelaine contributed to the branding and marketing strategy, as well as project management departments of Brick.  She also helped with procurement and research.

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Meet Gautham, a third year student at the University of Sydney studying Electrical Engineering. He is a huge tech fanatic and in his free time you’ll find him collecting the coolest tech he can find! He also loves playing basketball with friends. Gautam interned at Brick for 3 months as part of his university studies and was an integral part of the electrical team. He helped to create PCB boards for the portable battery units and fostered important research for the marketing team. Gautham thoroughly enjoyed the enriching experience of working with other like-minded students on the Brick circuit. His proactive attitude and helpful nature was very much enjoyed with every task he took on for the company.

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Noshin Tarannum Islam

Noshin is a third year student studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Sydney. She absolutely loves learning about technology and working on fascinating projects like developing Brick's battery technology! In her spare time Noshin is either learning to play guitar or looking at memes. Noshin worked as part of the electrical team at Brick, designing circuits and PCB boards, as well as doing research for the manufacturing team.  Noshin brought her enthusiasm to each task which was a welcomed energy here at Brick!

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Are you our next Intern?

Feel free to reach out to us for more information on how to become involved with Brick!

We are always looking for motivated students who would like an opportunity to advance new ideas.


Email us at:


Naomi Li

Meet Naomi, a second year student at Sydney University studying Biomedical Engineering. She is super passionate about science and problem-solving. Her dream is to help develop more affordable and better medical devices for everyone. Growing up she was obsessed with martial arts and now besides being a Uni student, she is also an amateur boxer. She is also a huge fan of country songs. Naomi was able to gain valuable experience by working for the marketing, procurement, and manufacturing teams of Brick.

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If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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