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Who We Are

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Our Story...

Jorge and Jennifer were finding that a constant challenge when travelling was keeping their phones charged. Leaving the hotel in the morning with fully charged devices, inevitably searching for outlets to power their mobiles by lunchtime, keeping their phones charged was always on their minds.  On a trip they took to Dublin, Ireland they came to the conclusion that if bars are providing free wi-fi, why couldn’t they provide free power for their phones… 

...and Brick  was born!

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Jorge Serrador, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Jorge is a world-renowned scientist who frequently travels the globe.  He is an Associate Professor at both Western Sydney and Rutgers Universities. He has been working for more than 10 years to develop a novel neuromodulation device that uses a unique principle known as Stochastic resonance. Jorge's work also focuses on cerebral blood flow regulation in diagnostic and treatment applications.  NASA calls on him to consult!  While he is not being a proud father to his teenage son, Jorge is tinkering in his own personal makerspace and loves to bake pies!

Jennifer Weinberg


Chief Operations Officer

Jennifer is a start-up business owner and former event planner who also loves to travel the globe. Having graduated with an arts degree and Master of Science in Elementary Education, she has taught in primary schools, is a proud step-mum to her own teenage son and forever Big Sister to her Little from the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organization. She has planned events for celebrities around the globe including getaways surrounding the VH1 Fashion Awards and MTV Music Awards. Jennifer has been involved in launching several start-ups throughout her career including the Jennifer Bag Company.

About: Our Technology
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To provide the number one trusted source of portable power to people everywhere.




Improving people’s lives by ensuring portable power for their technological needs.


Testimonials From
Brick Battery Users

Amy, Mary Kate & Tom

"We were incredibly happy to have Brick chargers available for us right at the bar! We didn't have to move closer to the wall socket to charge our phones - great idea!"

About: Our Team
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Amber & Jocelyn

"We are staff at a busy NYC restaurant and can't tell you how easy Brick makes saying yes to guest's request to charge their phones.  Now we just take a Brick out of the docking station and hand it to the guest instead of taking their phone.  Easier for us and guests think it's the best thing ever!"


"Since I am always on the go for my businesses it's a relief to see Brick chargers at a restaurant or bar.  I am able to charge my phone while enjoying a drink and appetizers with friends.  The perfect trifecta..Thanks Brick for being so convenient!"



"The portable battery is perfect because I can talk and charge at the same time- there is no need to give my phone to the bartender.. Thanks Brick!"


Ed & Rob

"As bar owners in NYC we can't rave enough about Jennifer and Jorge's Brick units. Since they brought them into our bar they have remained a featured amenity that our patrons have become reliant upon. We are happy to provide this much needed service for our guests."


Gina & Lexi

"These Brick batteries rock!  We were out at happy hour and low on battery power. Jennifer happened to be there with Brick batteries to test and saved us from going home to charge. All bars should have Brick battery chargers for their guests. Go Brick!"



"I'm not sure there is anything better than charging your phone while you enjoy a beer.  Times are changing...I didn't even have to give my phone to the bartender."


Robert, John & Alicia

"Thank goodness there was a Brick at the restaurant. We stayed for another few drinks since we could charge our phones! Every bar should have these for their guests."


Lianne & Kim

"Since we have teens at home it is important to always be in touch. When we see the bright green Bricks we know there is no need [to be worried!"

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