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What Other Restaurant Owners are Doing to Grow their Customer Base


21 Brunch Spots to Check Out in New York City

August 13, 2021

Check out this article for great places in New York City to go out and grab a bite of brunch! We believe no-one should stop touristing and exploring their city! 

Brick believes your needs should be taken care of wherever you go, and no one should be left stranded with a flat battery.. That's why Brick's Mission is to improve people's lives by ensuring portable power for their technological needs, everywhere you go.

Why People are Getting Battery Anxiety 

June 5, 2019

Read this article about how our low batteries are making us anxious. These days our phones are an extension of us! When our phones are running low, so can we..

Restaurant and customer service businesses understand how keeping their customers' phones charged is an important service. Learn how to keep your customers and their phones happy.


The 50 best bars in NYC right now

August 5, 2021

Take a look at some of New York's most successful bars, making headlines in news outlets for their lively atmosphere, classy feel and top quality food and drinks. High quality customer service is a major determiner of customer experience and retention rates. 


Turn your bar into a hub for socialising and enjoying your favourite beverages, providing your patrons with the highest quality service. Brick can help you transform your business!

The 23 Best Burgers In NYC

August 2, 2021

Take a peek at the top ranking burger joints in NYC. See what your top competitors are doing to get ahead in the fast food game, serving New York's favorite comfort food in style.

Brick is excited to see how we can improve your customers' experience, so we can comfort their phones while you comfort their bellies!  

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